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The beresford hotel

Kerry Phelan Design Office (KPDO), based in Melbourne, has attempted to design a sense of no design in a space for staging local and international musical talent within Sydney’s Beresford Hotel.

The designers aimed to retain the laid-back feel of the existing bar, whilst bringing some of its glamorous art deco roots to light. Curved ‘cabaret’ bar seating and a podium stage now make strong features, and warm colour palettes and mood lighting detract from the lack of natural light. Each of the two rooms were given a slightly different style to give the impression of a natural design progression.

Polished brass details bounce light in arbitrary angles around the richer colour schemes, attracting the eye to finer features. Lighter areas are contrasted with darker finishes to maintain an overall balanced character within the music venue.

The design has been finished with a reused wall, pendant lights and a huge custom-designed brass chandelier, while mismatched soft furnishings and furniture complete the un-designed, domestic feel. In its entirety, the space aims to make people feel at home.

KPDO is an inner-city design studio sited in Melbourne, Australia. The company mainly works on high-end residential, hospitality and retail projects aiming to express a strong, emotional and soulful approach to design. Kerry Phelan has also been acclaimed for projects such as the Botanical and Bistro Guillaume in Melbourne and the JIA Boutique Hotel in Shanghai.


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Published on August 18, 2011

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