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Map views

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  • JUN 2020


    Import or upload external Geofeeds. Supported filetypes are KML, GeoRSS, GPX.

  • MAY 2020

    Dark mode

    GLOTTER can now be used in dark mode which is preferred by some users.

  • OCT 2019

    KML is back

    KML has been reimplemented in addition to the new GEOJSON format. Now you can import maps created with GLOTTER in Google Earth again. Open an entry scroll down to the download tab and select "Download KML".

  • FEB 2019

    "Mobile First" Relaunch

    Mobile visits have surpassed Desktop visits on GLOTTER and it was time to refactor the code to conform the requirements.

    Modern Progressive Web App features allow users to add GLOTTER to the Home screen and to use it as a Single Page Application.

    Furthermore a new look & feel improves the usability - especially on mobile devices.

  • JUN 2018

    New mapping experience with Mapbox GL

    Maps are now rendered from vector tiles using WebGL which gives you an entirely new mapping experience (Use the right mouse button to rotate the map and change the viewport - Isn't it cool?).

    GeoJSON is the new standard for representing geographical features and replaces KML to view points and polylines.

    Everyone loves Emojis 😍 and that's why Emojis can now be used as placemarks instead of the old-fashioned marker images 🎉🎉🎉

  • MAR 2018

    Export your GLOTTER data

    You are now able to export your GLOTTER data as CSV in your User profile. This is part of new regulations and transparency efforts to grant easy access to the data you create with our services. In the end you control the information you provide online.

  • AUG 2017

    Help Translate!

    More locales are coming to GLOTTER. You can now help improve the quality of translations in your language. 1. Click the checkbox in the header 2. Highlight the text area that needs improvements and 3. Submit a new translation. That's it!

  • AUG 2016

    10 000 000

    Unique Map Views — Thank you for your ongoing interest in our services!!!

  • MAY 2016

    Support for Emojis

    📌 + 🌎🌍🌏 = 😀

  • FEB 2015

    Google Maps turns 10

    Happy Birthday!

  • SEP 2014

    Style your Maps

    Simply add a JSON string and customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps.

  • AUG 2014

    New feature

    Bulk-Importer via an "Excel-like" table. It's never been easier to import multiple markers at once!

  • OCT 2013

    New Geocoder feature

    World Clock

  • JUL 2013

    New service and Edit feature

    Live Tracking

  • DEC 2012

    Mobile use is increasing!

    That's why GLOTTER is going responsive on the Desktop version

  • APR 2012

    New service


  • FEB 2012

    Publish maps with the Creative Commons license and allow other users to create a copy in their profile

  • OCT 2011

    Color me

    Colorize entire countries on a map

  • SEP 2011


    View multiple map layers on a single map by adding the entry ids in the URL

  • OCT 2010


    Add friends to your profile and edit maps together

  • SEP 2011


    Add friends to your profile and edit maps together

  • APR 2010

    Beta Launch of a mobile optimized version of GLOTTER

  • JUL 2009

    Where am I now?

    Add friends to your profile and edit maps together

  • JAN 2009

    New feature

    Upload third-party KML/KMZ files and add them to GLOTTER

  • JUN 2008

    3D Maps

    Google Earth API implemented

  • MAR 2008

    Hi Pegman!

    Street View has been added as a new GLOTTER service

  • JUN 2007

    New GLOTTER services

    Geocoder and Driving directions

  • APR 2007

    "My Maps"

    Google introduces "My Maps" which allows Google users to add placemarks to individual Google Maps

  • FEB 2007 goes live!

    Beta Launch of GLOTTER which allows users to add placemarks to individual Google Maps

  • OCT 2005 registered!

    Domainname got registered

  • JUN 2005

    Google Maps API

    Google Maps API has been made available to Developers