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Urban Kitli

We began with an inclination to wander into Food Industry. For which we over bench-marked numerous food ventures in Ahmedabad. We found most of them were unoccupied during majority of the hours.

And most of them Close down in 1st year of their operation. We didn’t wanted to be one of them.

One of the Major issues was the cost of food. No matter few served very good food, but it has to be affordable as well. Specially in a city like Ahmedabad, which serves as a case study experiment to start something new for MBA students. Its a local slang, « If it worked in Ahmedabad of if it sales in Ahmedabad, it could sale anywhere ..  »

Hence we came up with an idea of setting up something which gives value for money and great food of-course with a nice environment. Also, the better part about getting into tea business is that dissimilar to coffee business where we as of now have huge the business sector for tea has still not been broadly caught.

We started out with a simple setup that gave authentic and freshly brewed chai We prepare tea on demand and try to refrain from storing tea in flasks as much as possible,

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Published on août 27 2019

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