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Scrapco Metal Recycling Ltd

We buy just about anything that has metal in it, be it a car, broken appliance or waste from a metal fabrication facility. With UK-wide coverage and excellent pricing, we give you a convenient, lucrative way to get rid of your scrap metal. No matter the shape or size of your scrap metal, we’d buy it in a heartbeat and make full payment in cash before we drive away. Scrapco is a government-recognised scrap collection facility that makes sure 95% of the metal from the waste stream goes back to being useful. And the rest of it meets sustainable treatment before ending up in the landfills. Call today to schedule an appointment anywhere in London, Suffolk, Essex or Kent.

Address: Longfield Farm, Old Hay, Tonbridge, TN12 7DG,United Kingdom

Email id:

Phone no.: 01892 838185


Published on February 2, 2022

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