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Virgin Oceanic

Over the course of 2012 and beyond, Virgin Oceanic’s one-person sub will journey to the deepest part of each of Earth’s five oceans. The first dive will be to the deepest place on the planet: the bottom of the Mariana Trench – 11 kilometers (7 mi) straight down.

5 Oceans – 5 Dives – 1 Planet.

1. Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean; 11,033m/36,201ft; 11°21’N, 142°12’E
2. Puerto Rico Trench, Atlantic Ocean; 8,605m/28,232ft; 19°50’N, 66°45’W
3. Molloy Deep, Arctic Ocean; 5,608m/18,399ft; 76°N, 2°30’E
4. Diamantina Trench, Indian Ocean; 8,047m/26,401ft; 35°S, 104°E
5. South Sandwich Trench, Southern Ocean; 7,235m/23,737ft; 55°40’S, 25°55’W


Published on October 27, 2011

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