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Safety First Consulting Ltd.

At Safety First Consulting, the health and safety of your company is our priority. With a team of expert, dedicated professionals, Safety First will give your company the assistance it requires in order to achieve complete compliance with government health and safety regulations.

How do our services work?

Our staff begins with an audit of your company’s current health and safety program. This audit will identify any present or potential problems in your system, and will lead to recommendations on how to go about solving and preventing these issues. Once this step is complete, the consultant will create a schedule by which these preventative activities may take place, which the employer approves according to his or her own schedule. Factors such as the size of the project, the number of sub-contractors and the number of workers will determine how much time is required to complete these preventative measures and achieve complete compliance.

Working directly with the Health and Safety Personnel or the Health and Safety Representative of the company, Safety First creates a set of fresh policies and procedures. Finally, we work with the JHSC to ensure that this new program is effective, and we ensure that the company’s supervisors and management team thoroughly understand the required legislation.


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