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Norton antivirus helps you to secure your system from viruses, phishing & malware.. It secures the gadgets including PC, tablets, iPad, Computers, And Smartphones too. Norton security has continuous
insurance,Email Spam separating, Anti Phishing security, Data assurance. It shields your gadget from different assaults which can hurt your gadget security as wells your own information on the gadget. Norton is till date one of the

best items identified with the security setup of your PC framework. It caters to all of your computing needs and its interface is pretty user friendly, providing you with a wide array of options that you can toggle between. Moreover, if and when you connect your computer to the internet, Norton makes sure to stand on one foot and stop malicious and infectious files from injecting themselves into your computer.These files somehow, find their way to stay in the system thereby posing a threat to your hard drive. Consequently, the data stored onto your computer is at a constant risk of getting deleted. This is to ensure so that you can have a risk free browsing experience.You can activate Norton through online website This is official Norton website that gives Norton services to users.