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It doesn’t matter who or where you are, successful relationships are at the core of everyone’s happiness. This universal truth drives us all, regardless of our stage in life, to constantly seek relationshipsā€”friends, mentors, colleagues, dates, and (hopefully only once) a spouse. The problem is there are lots of us, we’re all different, and the world is a big place. And this complexity makes forming successful relationships a difficult and sometimes painful matter of trial and error.

This huge global problem (literally everyone!) has not gone unnoticed, and since the beginning of time people have tried to deliver solutionsā€”from the original matchmakers, to Match and eHarmony, and now Tinder. The problem is that all these are subjective, superficial, and often based on untrue information. In the end, they’re ineffective and people are still seeking a better way to form successful relationships.

Likeli takes a completely new and unique approach to the problem. We believe that what you do and say in the world is far more indicative of who you are than curated answers to questionnaires or that perfect selfie. Based on this, we access and attribute thousands of data points from your social channels, and then combine that with machine-learning to accurately score the potential of any relationship.

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Published on August 14, 2015

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