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Live poker news and poker videos. Exclusive live poker news coverage, poker player interviews, poker pros, merchandise, bonuses, poker news videos and more.Poker Live News brings you the latest and most sensational Poker videos. From tournament live updates to Poker Strategy tips of all formats of poker gaming and its variants, entertaining poker songs, funny poker moments, biggest pots and best bluffs, this would be a collection of all the priceless moments of poker captured in the lens.We take Poker News to a whole new level. Poker contests, Online as well as offline, tournament updates, poker business news, legislation of poker, poker tips and tricks, poker bonuses, up close and personal interviews with leading poker celebrities, casino sites and variants, sportsbook; you name it and you have it at Poker Live News. Global Poker News from all nooks and corners of the world served on a platter to cater to all your Poker Cravings.

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