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Where I ve been – Tree Memorial

Did you ever wonder while noticing a tree-trunk why it got cut down?

If you want to give that tree a small piece of remembrance and mark its position before its forgotten, comment or send the info (position, e.g. coordinates; photo of the trunk) via Mail @ *

Imagine what that tree stood by during its long lifetime. How long has it been on this earth, breathed in the the same air as we did and creating new lifegiving oxygen. Loosing leaves, regrowing them; baring home for many different kinds of species. Felt rain, wind and sun on its bark.

Even if the answer seemed plausible to those who did (order) the cut, now this old grown piece of nature is gone. Especially during the heat of the last two summerperiods, people started to notice that the trees they took for granted were suffering. Not only suffering but dying. And the consequences this process has on our ecosystem globally.
So even if it was just “that one tree” that got cut, it is missing now. And this map shows, that it is not only “that one tree”.
Maybe it helps to create awareness about how many trees are already missing.

* you will remain anonymous. The only date used is the info/photo regarding the tree. It will only appear on this side and on the connected instagram page. There will be no further use or saving of your personal information.

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