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Action Towing

by JerryPierce on 08 December 2015EN
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Action Towing & Truck Repair in Gooding, ID provides 24hr towing, roadside, mobile truck repair, heavy truck repair and mobile ad repair throughout South Central Idaho and along Interstate 84. With a fleet of trucks and a team of expert operators and technicians, they will resolve your towing or diesel repair issue and get you back on the road ASAP. They provide immediate towing for all area highways and freeways including I-84 from Burley to Mountain Home, US 26, US 30 & SH 46. Call their 24hr dispatch center now for immediate towing in South Central Idaho.

Delivering quality and affordable mobile truck repair, diesel engine repair and towing services for years, Action Towing & Truck Repair South Central Idaho is your source for trusted services. They provide complete towing and roadside assistance services 24/7/365. Call now to get their unique brand of professional towing services working for you today.

Action Towing
770 Agri Lane, Gooding, ID 83330
Phone: (208) 280-0668

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