Sergey Kalitenko, MD

by kalitenkony on 15 October 2015EN
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Dr. Kalitenko services use a holistic approach to treat patients. Holistic doctors treat the body as a whole by exploring all possible methods restore a person's balance and wellness. They do not confine themselves to medications. For instance, if a patient walks in complaining of a migraine, holistic doctors of course want to help the patient get rid of what is bothering them, but also address possible root causes of the problem, such as the patient's diet or exercise habits. Dr. Kalitenko practices holistic medicine in New York and Long Island. Anyone looking for alternative and Holistic medicine may consider coming to us as soon as possible.

Sergey Kalitenko, MD
425 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021
Phone (516) 467-0253

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