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Solar Impluse: Across America Itinerary

by Globetrotter on 03 May 2013DE
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The first leg of the 2013 Across America mission flights was a success! Flown by Bertrand Piccard, the flight from San Francisco (CA) to Phoenix (AZ) went smoothly. The final leg of the mission flights, connecting Washington D.C. to New York, will be undertaken by André Borschberg.

Itinerary: from San Francisco (California) to Phoenix (Arizona), to Dallas (Texas) to Saint Louis (Missouri) ending in Washington D.C. and New York City

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New York City

Final leg: Washington D.C. - New York

Washington, D.C.

Fourth leg: St. Louis - Washington D.C.

Saint Louis, MO

Third leg: Dallas - Saint Louis

Dallas, TX

Second leg: Phoenix - Dallas

Phoenix, AZ

First leg: San Francisco - Phoenix
May 4, 2013

San Francisco, CA


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