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TNK: Travel Vietnam Corporation

by vietnamtours on Aug 18, 2011EN
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TNK: Travel Vietnam Corporation

The ability to travel the globe is a luxury that we as a modern society possess. Thanks to advances in aviation, information technology and human curiosity, we are exposed to a world full of travel, education and exploration. We can now, with ease, educate ourselves on foreign history, culture, cuisine and much more which in turn, can provide us with a wealth of life experiences. However, in order to fully embrace and enjoy travel, it is vital that we look to a trusted travel company that can help make our travelling experiences as memorable and cherished as possible.

Established in 1999, TNK (Thien Nien Ky) Travel Vietnam have been wholly dedicated to provide the ultimate experience to those wishing to experience all that Vietnam has to offer. With a skilled and experienced team of tour operators, leaders and guides who all possess professional experience within the travel industry, all clients of TNK are provided with the utmost attention and consideration in regards to their Vietnam vacation plans. It is thanks to their continued dedication to providing the best possible service and travel advice that they company was granted with the International Tour Operator License by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in 2004 which has helped to further increase TNK’s opportunities and exposure within the tourism industry.

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