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ZERO Emissions Race World Tour

by Administrator on 28 August 2010EN
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Around the world in 80 days! The ZERO Emissions Race is all about sustainable mobility and transport. The event aims to generate popular enthusiasm for the use of renewable energy sources for vehicles and set the highest environmental standards for the future. This is why all participating ZERO Race teams are required to produce their own electricity using renewable sources such as solar, wind, wave and or geothermal. This electricity must be then fed into the grid system in the home country of each team, so that during the ZERO Race, the equivalent can be harnessed to power the vehicles on their worldwide journey.
Louis Palmer, the first person to circumnavigate the planet in a solar powered vehicle, known as the Solartaxi, is the Tour Director of ZERO Race.

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Day 80: Le Bourget du Lac to Geneva

France, Switzerland

28,000 km of driving across 16 countries and stopovers in more than 150 cities around the globe!

Day 79: Montpellier to Le Bourget du Lac


Day 78: Barcelona to Montpellier

Spain, France

Day 76/77: Sagunto to Cambrils, and to Barcelona


Day 75: Tabernas to Sagunto


Day 74: Gibraltar to Tabernas

United Kingdom, Spain

Day 73: Rabat to Algeciras, Gibraltar

Morocco, Spain, United Kingdom

Day 72-Start: Casablanca

Mexico, Morocco

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