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Translation [EN]

Sister Cities of Los Angeles Street sign

by Globetrotter on Jul 25, 2010EN
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This street sign near the City Hall shows the directions to the Sister cities of Los Angeles.

1959: Eilat, Israel
1959: Nagoya, Japan
1962: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
1964: Bordeaux, France
1967: Berlin, Germany
1968: Lusaka, Sambia
1969: Mexico City, Mexico
1971: Busan, Korea
1971: Auckland, New Zealand
1972 Bombay(Mumbai), India
1979: Taipei, Taiwan
1981: Guangzhou, China
1984: Athens, Greece
1984: Tehran, Iran
1986: Vancouver, Canada
1989: Giza, Egypt
1989: St. Petersburg, Russia
1990: Jakarta, Indonesia
1991: Kaunas, Lithuania
1992: Makati, Philippines
1993: Split, Croatia
2005: San Salvador, El Salvador
2006: Ischia, Italy
2006: Beirut, Lebanon

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