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Map: 4429 Olcott Ave.East Chicago,Indiana,USA

East Chicago Church was born in the heart of a group of believers, when they discovered the diverse needs of the community of East Chicago. There is violence, poverty, and so much more. Our passion is to reach out to the families, youth and children, to grow a new church family and to spread the love of Jesus all over the city of East Chicago. Pastor Manuel Corazzari was praying and seeking God, to find a door for a place where he and his wife could help build and serve a community that is in need of hope. Soon after that, he got a flat tire in East Chicago near Sacred Heart, an empty church building on Olcott Ave. Ever since that day, they have been working with friends and NWI believers to make an impact in the heart of East Chicago by serving/loving our children, youth, families and seniors. But the work to be done is so great, that we are looking for a team of believers that are on fire and in love for the things of the Gospel to help with our mission. visit to connect with us

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4429 Olcott Ave. East Chicago, Indiana, USA
Phone: 219-742-7699

East Chicago Church