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Did you register with a correct Email address and have access to the mailbox? Maybe the Email got stuck in your Spam folder! Wait some minutes and check your Emails again!

You can also try to reset your password.

No problem! Open the “Password forgotten” webform, enter your Email address and follow the instructions.

Your new Email address needs to be confirmed before it gets activated. Just click on the activation link you should have received.

If you can’t find the activation email, look in your Spam folder first and double-check the new Email address in your profile.

In general, urgent problems with your account (like Password reset when logging in is not possible) usually can be solved by yourself. Maybe your question already got answered here?

If you still need help, feel free to use the contact form below.

All requests will be prioritized and you will receive an answer sooner or later. Please understand that this may take some time.