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Asbestos Australia Pty Ltd | 03 9704 2952

Asbestos is a type of building construction material that is no longer in use due to its serious health consequences. But if your home was built before 1990, there are high chances of asbestos showing up in the asbestos testing report. Asbestos Australia is a Worksafe-accredited company that specialises in removing asbestos from commercial and residential properties in Victoria. Give us a call for a thorough inspection of your property and have this hazardous mineral removed from every nook and corner. For asbestos removal in Melbourne, we have a dedicated team that works at your convenience and ensures safety of you as well as people around you. Book an appointment today.

Address: Unit 8/7-8 Len Thomas Pl, Narre Warren, VIC, 3805, Australia
Phone no.: 03 9704 2952
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