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Live Tracking

This map showcases the GLOTTER Live Tracking feature. Take your Smartphone, go out and give it a try (Mobile version) or (Desktop version) Registered users are able to record a Live Tracking path in the Map edit mode.

EU Eurozone

11 countries made up the Euro (EUR) area when the Euro was introduced in 1999. There are now 19 members, the newest being Latvia and Lithuania. Last updated: January 2015

Hurricane Season 2010

Animated KML of the Hurricane season in 2010 – Warning: Huge load. Please watch in Google Earth 3D mode or open KML in Google Earth Standalone:

Latest Imagery updates in Google Earth

This KML, released by Google, shows the latest imagery updates in Google Earth/Maps. New imagery gets imported about two times a month and all updated areas are highlighted with red outlines.

ZERO Emissions Race World Tour

Around the world in 80 days! The ZERO Emissions Race is all about sustainable mobility and transport. The event aims to generate popular enthusiasm for the use of renewable energy sources for vehicles and set the highest environmental standards for the future. This is why all participating ZERO Race teams are required to produce their […]